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Organic India

Tulsi Sleep Tea | Organic India

Tulsi Sleep Tea | Organic India

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Drift Off Peacefully with Organic India Tulsi Sleep Tea (18 Bags)

Say goodbye to sleepless nights and hello to a restful slumber with Organic India Tulsi Sleep Tea. This delightful blend is crafted with ancient wisdom and natural ingredients to soothe your mind and body, preparing you for a night of deep relaxation.

Experience the Tranquility in Every Cup:

  • The Power of Tulsi: Featuring the revered "Queen of Herbs," Tulsi (Holy Basil), known for its calming and adaptogenic properties.
  • Soothing Synergy: Blended with Chamomile, Cardamom, and Peppermint to create a delicious and calming infusion that promotes relaxation and eases stress.
  • Naturally Restful: Caffeine-free and non-GMO, this tea is gentle and won't disrupt your sleep cycle.
  • Suitable for All: This kosher, certified organic, and vegan tea is a gentle and inclusive way to unwind before bed.
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