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Organic Throat Comfort Caffeine Free Herbal Tea | Yogi

Organic Throat Comfort Caffeine Free Herbal Tea | Yogi

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Find Soothing Relief with Organic Throat Comfort Tea (Case of 6)

Feeling a tickle in your throat? Skip the harsh lozenges and reach for the gentle comfort of Organic Throat Comfort Tea! This soothing herbal blend offers a delicious way to find relief from minor throat irritation.

Why Choose Organic Throat Comfort Tea?

  • Nature's Comforting Embrace: Crafted with 95%+ organic ingredients like wild cherry bark, slippery elm bark, licorice root, fennel seed, and orange peel, this tea provides natural relief for a scratchy throat.
  • Caffeine-Free & Soothing: Unlike some teas, this blend is naturally caffeine-free, making it perfect for any time of day. It won't disrupt your sleep or add jitters, just pure soothing comfort.
  • Kosher, Non-GMO, & Vegan: Feel good about what you're sipping on. This tea caters to various dietary needs, with certifications for Kosher, Non-GMO, and Vegan.
  • Compostable Tea Bags: Even the packaging is eco-friendly! The oxygen-bleached tea bags are fully compostable, allowing you to soothe your throat and the planet simultaneously.

This case comes with 6 boxes, each containing 16 tea bags, ensuring you have a constant supply of soothing relief on hand!

Brew a Cup, Breathe Easy:

Simply steep a tea bag in hot water for 7 minutes, and let the natural ingredients work their magic. Inhale the comforting aroma and enjoy the gentle, soothing flavor.

More Than Just a Hot Beverage:

Organic Throat Comfort Tea can be enjoyed in different ways:

  • Soothe on the Go: Brew a mug at home and transfer it to a travel mug to sip on throughout the day.
  • Add a Touch of Honey: For an extra soothing touch, add a drizzle of honey for a natural sweetener.
  • Double the Comfort: Pair a cup of tea with a spoonful of honey for a powerful soothing duo.
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