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Organic Superfood Unrefined Virgin Coconut Oil | Nutiva

Organic Superfood Unrefined Virgin Coconut Oil | Nutiva

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Unlock the culinary potential of Nutiva's Virgin Coconut Oil! This 100% organic, non-GMO oil is simply cold-pressed and unrefined, retaining its rich aroma and subtle sweetness.

Nutiva Virgin Coconut Oil is your perfect companion for:

  • Sauteing: The high smoke point makes it ideal for cooking at medium-high heat.
  • Baking: Add a delightful touch of coconut flavor to your favorite baked goods.
  • Enhancing Recipes: Drizzle it over popcorn, vegetables, or use it as a healthy substitute in various dishes.

More than just delicious, Nutiva Virgin Coconut Oil is:

  • Vegan and Dairy-Free: A perfect choice for plant-based diets.
  • Kosher Certified: Meeting strict dietary standards.
  • USDA Organic: Made with 100% organic ingredients.
  • Eco-Conscious Packaging: Packaged in a convenient and recyclable jar.

Size : 14 oz
Pack of : 6
Selling unit : case

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