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Organic India

Whole Herb Supplement for Liver Kidney |Organic India

Whole Herb Supplement for Liver Kidney |Organic India

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Organic India Liver Kidney supplement contains whole, organic herbs that promote healthy liver and kidney function, making it a more comprehensive and effective overall detoxifier. 

Bhumyamalaki and Katuki are cleansing herbs that promote liver and kidney health, whereas Punarnava is a total body rejuvenator. The liver and kidneys collaborate to eliminate toxins, cleanse the blood, and maintain proper metabolism. These three herbs have been used for millennia in India and are available in a vegan capsule for modern convenience.

INGREDIENTS: Organic phyllanthus (Phyllanthus niruri) whole herb, Organic picrorhiza (Picrorhizakurroa) rhizome with root, Organic boerhavia (Boerhaviadiffusa) root

Other ingredients: Organic pullulan capsules


  1. Liver Support: Bumyamyalaki supports healthy liver function, for healthy digestion, detoxification and protein synthesis.
  2. Kidney Health: Katuki is a Himalayan herb that supports both kidney and liver function, flushing toxins from the body.
  3. Cleansing: This herbal formula can help cleanse the major organs of the body of toxic waste and buildup.
  4. Rejuvenation: Punarnava is known as a rasayana, or "rejuvenator" in Ayurveda.

✅Dairy Free
Gluten Free
✅GMO Free
✅Wheat Free
✅Yeast Free
✅95%+ Organic

Quantity: 1Pack of 90 vcap

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