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Herit Castor Oil | Heritage Store

Herit Castor Oil | Heritage Store

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Heritage Store Heritage Castor Oil is a single-unit, 16 fl oz bottle of pure goodness sourced straight from India. Made with 100% organic Ricinus Communis seed oil, this versatile oil offers a natural solution for your hair, skin, and nail care needs.

Here's why Heritage Castor Oil is a great choice:

  • Pure & Organic: Experience the benefits of hexane-free, chemical-free, organic castor oil, perfect for those who prefer natural products.
  • Multi-Purpose Marvel: Moisturize your hair, promote healthy lash and brow growth, soothe dry skin, and strengthen nails – all with one oil!**
  • Rich in Benefits: Castor oil is a natural source of fatty acids and Vitamin E, known to nourish and support healthy hair, skin, and nails.**

Gentle and Effective:

Heritage Castor Oil is a safe and gentle option for most skin types. Refer to the product label for specific usage instructions and warnings to ensure you get the most out of this natural product.

Experience the Heritage – Naturally:

Heritage Store has been a leading provider of natural health products for over 50 years. Choose Heritage Castor Oil and discover the power of nature's pure ingredients for your beauty routine!

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