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4th & Heart

Ghee - Turmeric Grass Fed | 4th & Heart | Case

Ghee - Turmeric Grass Fed | 4th & Heart | Case

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Explore the richness of our Ayurveda Turmeric Ghee Butter!

This tasty, lactose-free choice is perfect for those who usually use butter or cooking oils. Made with pure turmeric, our Ghee adds a gentle, earthy flavor to any dish. It's not just delicious—it helps with digestion, lowers inflammation, and improves blood flow and body balance. 

Enjoy the health benefits of our Original Recipe Ghee, enhanced with the power of turmeric. 

Make your meals healthier and more flavorful with this great ingredient!

Additional Information:

  • Country of origin: United States
  • Is gluten-free: yes
  • Is gmo-free: yes
  • Is kosher: yes
  • Size: 9 oz
  • Pack of: 6
  • Selling unit: case
  • Ingredients: clarified butter; milk; turmeric
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