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Frontier Herb

Ground Turmeric Root |Frontier Herb

Ground Turmeric Root |Frontier Herb

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Frontier Ground Turmeric Root delights your senses with a fragrant aroma and rich, vibrant hue. Steep some ground turmeric root in a cup of tea or warm milk for a soothing drink, or sprinkle it on tofu, eggs or noodles for enhanced flavor and appearance.

Frontier Ground Turmeric Root has a golden-yellow color and a strong earthy aroma. Turmeric's use has increased significantly in recent years due to its health benefits. Its flavor is similar to both ginger and pepper. Turmeric is an essential ingredient in curry powders and East Indian cuisine, as well as prepared mustards and pickles, dressings, eggs, and rice.

This 16-ounce package of ground turmeric root is easy to open and stores neatly in a pantry or cabinet.

✅ Kosher
✅ 95%+ Organic

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  • Net Wt.: 16oz | 453g
  • Quantity: 1
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